If you want to hear what my real-life clients say about working with me, you’re in the right place.

My client Melissa surprised herself with how much her life changed just by applying coaching concepts for even a few minutes a day.

My client Lindsey talks about her coaching experience and how coaching is like a laser precision tool for figuring out long-standing life issues.

My client Ksenia talks about how she used to be a coaching skeptic, but now she’s all about using this work to create real results in her life.

Here are some more kind things people have said about working with me.

“I have Kori to thank for so much, but most of all, for helping me root out and remove self-limiting beliefs I didn't even know I had developed. Without realizing it, I was assuming life had to be the way it was. She showed me I can create a life of my choosing, and now I am.

Through working with Kori, I was able to stop gratitude shaming myself, and allow myself the freedom to choose. This opened up new options and possibilities I hadn’t seen before. 

Now I wake up excited to learn something new, challenge myself, and invent my future in a way that simply wasn't possible before.”


"Working with Kori Linn is a gift. Her energy and sense of humor and ability to be authentically herself allowed me to find that in myself, at a time when I felt too overwhelmed to try. She is easy to talk to and be around and she doesn't pretend to have all the answers. She asks important questions and helps you to solve your problems, while being the most present listener. I cannot say enough about how valuable my time working with her was for me, personally and professionally. She helped me to recognize the leader in myself and encouraged my growth and ability in my new role."