hi, I'm Kori Linn.

I’m a life coach for badass women who want it all.

I teach women how to create work/life balance so that they can love their jobs without giving up their lives.

Before launching my coaching business, I spent several years kicking ass (and having a lot of fun) in corporate IT at a Fortune 500 company. What I learned there was that it actually was possible to show up, do amazing work, build strong relationships, and also find ways to make the schedule, commute, and workload work for me. It took some time and quite a few tweaks to figure it out, but it is possible. My coworkers even started calling me the office life coach, because I was constantly helping them overcome obstacles, rise to challenges, and figure out how to be a badass without getting burned out.

Eventually, I decided that having it all meant doing something completely different. It meant leaving the cozy nest of my corporate life. It meant having the courage to build my own business, from the ground up. It meant building a program dedicated to helping other badass women figure it out, too.

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