REVISIONARIA is a six-week life coaching program for badass, high-powered women (like you) who are crushing it but also want to feel just a little more fulfilled, at ease, and aligned.

At its heart, REVISIONARIA is based on the concept of thought work. Basically, when we tell certain stories (to ourselves, inside our heads, often unconsciously), we feel a certain way, and then we act from that feeling. Thought work is a way to identify all the stories that we've internalized so that we can examine them, decide what to keep, add some new parts, and then tell a story that we wrote on purpose. It's simple but totally life-changing. I also have a background in Creative Writing, so I weave in a lot of extra storytelling skills along the way (and I keep it fun, even though we may tackle difficult topics).

The program is a six-week commitment with six one-on-one calls, five lessons, writing prompts that are actually fun, and daily chat coaching/support available via Slack (because we need help when we need it).