Cedar Grove Video Script

As a family-owned business with roots in waste management all the way back to 1938, Cedar Grove knows that city-wide composting is more than another bin at the side of the road; it’s preventing thousands of tons of food and yard waste from winding up in landfills. Leading the Pacific Northwest in organic waste recycling is a feat greater than sifting, sorting, and processing organic materials; for Cedar Grove, it’s about providing a sustainable local economy and transforming the compost industry with innovative technology. As an industry-leading, environmental solutions company, our mission is deeper than ensuring the growth of helpful microbes in nutrient dense soil and producing a pure, quality-tested product; it’s helping local businesses become more eco-friendly, educating our community about the importance of organic recycling, and being a force for good in our customers’ lives. For us at Cedar Grove, composting is so much more than closing the loop between waste and want, it’s transforming what’s leftover into a loving boost for what’s to come. Cedar Grove, the official sponsor of Spring.