Q: What exactly is life coaching?

A: Life coaching is a service that helps clients achieve desired results through mindset shifts, strategic insight, and radical accountability. While it may sound simple, life coaching is actually very science-oriented, and much of the work focuses on understanding the brain’s natural biases and how to work with them (instead of against them).

Q: How is coaching different from therapy?

A: Coaching tends to focus on creating real world results in the present and the future. We definitely resolve things from the past along the way, but working on the past is not the main focus. Therapy, in my experience, tends to focus on processing the past and present as well as creating general well-being. That being said, coaching and therapy may overlap, especially because there’s many types of each.

Q: How does it work?

A: Coaching succeeds where many other services fail because coaching is not just about changing behaviors. Coaching is about changing the mindset that drives the behavior. While it is possible to change without changing mindset, it is a much more grueling task. When we first change how we think, the feelings and actions we want flow naturally from our thoughts.

Q: What’s Kori’s background?

A: Kori Linn is an alumna of Kara Loewentheil’s Unf*ck Your Brain, a six-month coaching program. In UFYB, Kori mastered a set of mindset tools that she uses with her 1:1 and group clients. She also coaches in Kara’s current group program, The Clutch. Before UFYB, Kori worked in tech and read about a thousand self-help books for fun, because she loves this shit. Some of her favorites are: Mindset, The Charisma Myth, and Outrageous Openness. She also has an MFA in Creative Writing.

Q: How can i contact kori?

A: Click here!