what are you making?

I believe that we're all always creating our own realities, at least to a certain extent. Not so much in the manifesting sense (although, maybe that too) but more in the story sense. How we choose to organize and explain the data points that make up our lives is hugely significant. Perspective and interpretation can turn a trauma into a treasure and vice versa. To me, this is about seeing the nuance and choosing what you want to focus on. Obviously it's important to be able to see what's not working, and, if we're to cultivate joy and gratitude, it's also wildly important to be able to locate the benefits of not-so-delightful situations. To get the most bang for your buck (because, let's face it, finding the bright side can be uncomfortable and annoying), I recommend going about this as follows.

1. Complain. No, I mean it. Really get into this one, and enjoy it. Write, scream, dance, whatever. Let it allllll out. For fifteen minutes.

2. Admit what can be changed. I say admit because it may take a tough change of perspective to see where change is an option. 

3. Do the work to make the above changes, if you decide that they'll serve you. Or, don't. The important thing here is knowing change is a choice and that you're always in control of the story. 

4. Write the new, oh-so-empowered story of what is. This means letting the world be what it is and also taking complete responsibility for the story you choose to tell yourself about it. Choosing an empowered story means always having options. It doesn't, however, always means you'll be overjoyed with these options. In fact, sometimes the option that will lead to your joy will downright infuriate you. Consider being willing to be infuriated. You might be surprised how fulfilling it can be. 

And if all else fails, perhaps you'll enjoy this writing prompt:

If you're always being creative either way, what would you like to create?