the thing about that is

I write a lot about struggling. Why we struggle, what we struggle with, etc. I think the reason for that is because struggle is where I get stuck. Maybe it's where you get stuck, too.

For me, if I don't get stuck there, it's not a struggle. It might be a challenge or a lot of work or something, but it's not necessarily a struggle. Because a struggle is a back-and-forth, no-easy-answers sort of thing. It's an I-want-to-believe-this, but-what-about-that sort of thing. All of which to say, it's a mucky mud pit to be in.

Annnnnd, it's also an invitation. Struggle is the place where you take what you know and you examine it bit by bit. It's the place where you unfold your opinions and beliefs until you can see all the tiny bits of debris that were traveling along with them. Basically, struggle brings us to the point where we choose to stay stuck or we choose to question our assumptions.

Dig into the heart of the matter with the prompt below. You may find that the struggle is not what you'd originally taken it to be. Hell, you may find that it's a gift in disguise. No matter what, try to have fun with it. 

Prompt: The struggle is that __________. And the thing about that is __________. And of course there's also the matter of __________. But really, I __________. Which is why I'm going to __________ and I'm going to start right now. Because I can.