habit habitats

Anything can be a habit. Anything. So, if you're having trouble building a certain habit you want to create, another angle is to create habits that would support it. Secondary habits, if you will. 

For example, if you want to write everyday, but you can't quite bring yourself to do it, you could begin setting aside time everyday. Time in which you will perhaps one day write, but for now it's just about making the space. 

No, this is not the same as writing everyday, but it is a way of honoring the habit you hope to build. Like keeping your desk clean so that when you're ready to work, you can get right to it. Or like keeping a notebook and a pen beside your bed, so that when the mood strikes, the tools are at the ready.

What is difficult becomes natural when you set up surroundings of ease and support.

Give it a try. It might be the perfect first step. And if it's not, just keep going until you get there.