start with tiny

Today, I am considering the space between wanting and doing.

As in, the difference between wanting to write every day and doing the writing. There's something magic in that space where the desire becomes the action, but it can be hard not to become discouraged when that particular alchemy takes longer than we'd like.

In fact, we often use this as evidence that we lack followthrough. Maybe that's the case, and maybe it's not, but is that perspective helping you make the change you want to make or is it only making you feel shitty?

Sometimes, I still catch myself using this kind of motivation. Sit down and get to work or else your actions will reveal that you are not actually a writer at all. 

This kind of logic is based on the idea that I have to prove something. It's also based on the idea that there's only one kind of truth about a person. As if I can only ever be one thing. As if one choice on one particular day means everything.

Then again, the days add up. 

In order to make them add up in your favor, you only need two things. An action that's too small to fail and mindful noticing. 

Take your tiny step and then make a note of it. And if you can't do the tiny thing, it's not tiny enough. Seriously, maybe you start with a page, but you can also start with a sentence, or even just a word.

And then, pause and notice that you've done the thing. Notice how it feels in that moment right after completing a task you set out to do. This is a way to collect evidence of what you can do. It's a way to connect with the experience of having done it, a way to relish the accomplishment, however small. 

What have you always wanted to do, but haven't been able to build the habit? What's the smallest small step you could take today?