thoughts become things

Whatever you're thinking in your head right now, it is becoming something. That something might be an angry text message or a sketch of a giraffe or just a strengthened neural connection between two areas of your brain, but trust me, it's doing stuff. 

To be clear, I think all of these manifestations of thoughts are just fine. I am not opposed to anger. In fact, I think it's a highly useful emotion and one that deserves respect and attention. Anger has something to tell us, always. And noticing that we're angry and writing about it is one way to dig into the juicy information that it holds.

But that's not the point here. The point is this: the stories and scripts in your head create tangible results, whether they are pieces of writing or actions or changes in the physical body. And in my personal experience, a lot of this goes unnoticed. Our thoughts - our go-to stories - form frameworks through which we see the world. They inform our choices and the ways we interpret our lives, and while we have a choice about them, they're often so automatic that we don't realize it could be different. 

But it can. And that's pretty exciting.

You know, until you get to the hard work of actually trying to change your thought patterns, which can be quite daunting. There are, to be fair, a lot of stories already in your head, and most of them have been there for so long that they feel like facts. The best way to begin a shift in thought patterns is to pick one new belief, one mantra-thought, to cultivate. Something small and not too threatening to the status quo that already exists in your head. Start here and get in the habit of thinking this new thought, and then you can move on to bigger, more revolutionary changes. 

One tiny change today could make all the difference in your life. What do you think about that?