this month it's all about mantras & mission statements

As humans, most of us have words circling around inside our heads all day. Sometimes we're aware of this, and we actively fight with the words, and sometimes it's more like a TV that we left on - we're absorbing the ideas but not really paying attention. Given the kinds of stories floating around in most people's heads - that we're constantly messing up or aren't good enough or will be ok if and only if xyz works out  - there's a lot to gain by noticing and examining our thoughts.

I have been shocked time and again by the kind of explanations my unchecked brain makes up. I've caught myself repeating some ancient phrases from my family of origin, such as "logical consequences," when that idea doesn't actually align with how I see the world these days. Old thought patterns are like this - worn in and easy to slip into - which is why it can take a great deal of effort to build new automatic responses.

My favorite way of dealing with this sort of thing is to supply my brain with lots of new ways to interpret and think about the world, on repeat. I select or create mantras and mission statements that align with how I am in the world, or how I'm trying to be, in order to give my brain the verbal cues it needs to change its go-to behavior.

Mantras and mission statements are great tools, because you can design them when you're fully paying attention and then teach your brain to reach for them out of habit. Yes, there will still be times when your old patterns resurface, especially when you're faced with stress or a challenging situation, but teaching our brain new tricks is a step by step process and the more we work at cultivating our perspective, the more our brain will support us along the way. 

If your mantras & mission statements need some work, come and join me for an awesome workshop experience focused on uncovering and mending our inner stories!